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April 17, 2020

JNC Resources Inc. Mission statement

Trading Symbol: JNC (CSE)

Vancouver, B.C. – JNC Resources Inc. (the “Company”)

Vancouver, B.C. – JNC Resources Inc. JNC Resources Inc. is a Mineral Exploration Company focused on acquisition, exploration and developing feasible resource properties throughout Canada and the continental United States. Our management team has a proven track record of discovery and is committed to maximizing shareholder value by continuing its exploration success.

JNC’s initial project, the Triple 9 in South Central British Columbia, is a excellent example of a new discovery zone to be explored. Please refer to our NP 43-101 report, available on our website.

We are committed to:

1. Being a progressive, proactive and innovative organization;
2. Demonstrate leadership in the pursuit of excellence within the exploration community;
3. Provide accurate and timely dissemination of information to investors and other stakeholders;
4. Continuously seek out and acquire properties that demonstrate exploration potential;
5. Expanding our land holdings to include: Canada, United States and International Countries;
6. Diversifying our portfolio over several different precious metal categories;
7. Ensuring that our exploration programs are conducted in accordance with stringent quality assurance and control guidelines, along with the highest standard of best practices;
8. Incorporating new, and innovative leading edge technology;
9. Ensuring that our exploration programs consider the use of traditional aboriginal land and provide meaningful opportunities for the economic development of first nation communities;
10. Make sure all work programs are environmentally accountable with commitment to long-term sustainability.

JNC Resources has created a corporate culture for success.  We will continue to develop the opportunity at Triple 9 by obtaining permits to prove historical gold values on the Blue Nose reserve, as well as determine the size and scope of the newly discovered Road Zone massive sulfide showing.  

JNC’s vision is to create a diversified portfolio of projects.  Managements goal is to be fiscally responsible to position the Company for any potential joint venture or partnerships that will enhance shareholder value.  With a focus primarily on gold,  we are excited about the opportunities of all precious metals exploration that will allow for long term sustainability and growth.

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